John Cena's Interview

The champ is here!!!...for the interview

*The camera focused on Todd Grasham in backstage looking around. He saw Jon and walked over to him*


Todd: John, do you have time?


*John sighed. He wants to say no, but he saw the camera and turned back to Todd*


John: Yeah I have time… shoot


Todd” As we all know, you’re facing Goldberg tonight. Any comments?


John: Comments? No I don’t… but listen I’m pissed what he did at Raw. If this took place on the street, I would be in jail right now.. but this is wrestling, I will beet him


*Todd nodded and continue*


Todd: Do you have anymore thoughts on Randy Orton?


John: Randy? Oh. Well..


*John then starts to think about Stacy for a second*


John: No comment at all. He’s a *bit his lip as he was going to regret what’s he going to say* He’s a great Chairman. I respect him


*Todd nodded again*


Todd: So John this is a question from your fans , as Gm of Raw, I heard you assign Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson to host Summerslam. Is that right?


*John nodded and smirked*


John: Yes it is… it was my plan from the start. I helped making those banners that’s hanging around the arena


*Again, Todd nodded*


Todd: Thank you for the interview John. Any last comments


*John snatched the microphone from Todd’s hand*


John: I’ll take it over here..


*Todd nodded, looking shock and start to walk away*


*John watches Todd leaves then turned back to the camera with a serious look on his face*


John: Listen up… I want to make this straight.. Goldberg, what you did at Raw was out of line? I’m not like Biscoff to punish someone that hurt me or anything. But tonight, I will make this your first and last match in the WWE since you came back.


*John took a silent deep breath*


John: Bill, I’ll see you in the ring


*John did a you can’t see me signature and walked off ass the camera faded away*

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